Welcome!  This is our second year exploring this subject and we are taking a little different approach than last year and covering all new material.  Last year we focused on the time period from the Pilgrims (1600’s) to the Constitutional Convention of 1787.  This year we will be starting earlier, in the Medieval period, and looking at events and ideas up to pre-World War I.  Instead of focusing on the role of Christianity in the founding of our nation, we will be looking at the ideas and movements that shaped our nation and specifically our own worldview as American Evangelicals.  We will be identifying what we believe are the strengths and weaknesses of our worldview and where those strengths and weaknesses came from.

We hope this site will be a useful and enjoyable tool for us as a class to share our ideas and questions with each other.  You can also find a lot of useful information using the links on the right side of the page.  You can find book recommendations, links, and the audio recordings of the class.

“Today, we stand at a crossroad in the American Evangelical church. Since the mid 1800s, there has never been a greater window of opportunity for us to seize the moment and, by our lives and thought, to show our culture the way forward.  Now is the time for us to stop being thirty years behind the times.  Now is the time for us to gather our confidence and lead.”   J. P. Moreland, Kingdom Triangle

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John Shaferly, Wally Vohland, Aaron Cerda