Course Schedule

Wednesday Evening Class Schedule (Classes begin at 7:00 pm)

Wednesday, June 3rd
   Lesson 1 – Overview and Thesis
Wednesday, June 10th
   Lesson 2 – The Medieval Mindset

Wednesday, June 17th
   Lesson 3 – A Period of Upheaval; The Renaissance and Reformation

Wednesday, June 24th
   Lesson 4 – The Shaping of Early American Ideas

Wednesday, July 1st
   Lesson 5 – Casting Off of Authority; The Post-Revolutionary Period

Wednesday, July 8th
   Lesson 6 – The Rise of the State

Wednesday, July 15th
   Lesson 7 – A Nation Divided; The Civil War

Wednesday, July 22rd
   Lesson 8 – The Gilded Age; Prosperity and Growth

Wednesday, July 29th
   Lesson 9 – The Progressive Era; A New Hope for Mankind

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